Version 1.0
RapidXL makes managing your contacts fun and easy
New Phone? No problem! RapidXL makes it easy for you to move to a new phone.
  • Rapid Excel import/export tool (Now includes PDF backup)
  • Manage your contacts in table format
  • Want backup of your contacts? Export your contacts to well formatted Excel Sheet or PDF with just one click.
  • Allows you to schedule data backups of contacts
  • Now export available in printer friendly PDF format.
  • Share contact through Bluetooth, skype, dropbox etc. with one click.
  • Want to move to a new phone? Worried about your contacts? We solve your problem with this cool little app to export and import your contacts in blink of any eye.
Download Excel Import Export Contacts / Android
Requires Android 2.2 and higher. MS Excel 95, 98, 2000, XP and 2003 supported.



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Privacy Policy

Rapid XL gets permission to export or import your contacts upon your consent. No personal data is saved on our servers, nor is it shared with any third party services. User data integrity is always preserved while using Rapid XL.